Caroline Jaine spent 15 years in the British Diplomatic Service. Her specialism is in media and communications with a focus on conflict transformation, counter-extremism and public diplomacy.  Jaine also has an interest in resilience and human rights, in particular the rights of women and children.  Her main geographical focuses are the UK, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka – although she has experience in over 35 countries.

Initiatives have included:

  • Discreet advocacy and independent diplomacy
  • Geo-political research and advice
  • Designing and managing communications and information campaigns
  • Facilitating VIP events and conference organising
  • Training and mentoring for senior leaders
  • Running workshops for press officers and media & communications professionals

Caroline has experience as a visiting lecturer at both London Metropolitan and Anglia Ruskin Universities– see the Education pages for more. She is also increasingly engaged in public speaking about her work and experiences.

Other positions held:



A diverse range of settings: top left – speaking at the Pakistan High Commission in London; top right – training Ministry of Human Rights officials in Baghdad; bottom left – working at the United Nations in New York; bottom centre – lecturing in Cross Community Dialogue at London Metropolitan Univcersity; bottom right – talking at Karachi University


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