Caroline has written over 100 anecdotal, op-ed, and academic articles on international relations, extremism, cultural diplomacy, media perception, reality, the arts, and travel. She has recently finished writing her first novel, Lone Wolf in the Temple of the Writer, which is a noir suspense story set in Cambridge. Her main writing platforms and books appear below.  Please get in touch for a complete list of writing.

A Better Basra – Searching for Strategy & Sanity in Iraq is Caroline Jaine’s first full length book.  Written following a harrowing experience in Iraq in 2006 and prompted by giving evidence at the Iraq Inquiry, A Better Basra was published in 2011, and launched at the House of Lords.  She describes the book as “Brigid Jones of Basra”, but her work has received praise from Ambassadors, development experts, journalists and academics. The latter recommending it as a key study text for those understanding civilian integration in military environments.

Caroline Jaine has been blogging for The World Bank on media and communications issues since 2007.  A full list of her posts appear on the site.

Caroline Jaine has been blogging for Pakistani news agency Dawn since 2011. A full list of her posts appear on the site.

Caroline Jaine has been travel writing under the name “Nomadic” for many years – she has recorded her journeys in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, The Netherlands, India and others. Many of her recent articles about the arts and politics appear on her JaineArt blog.

Caroline Jaine is also one of the founders of  Cambridge-based publishing house, Askance Publishing, which helps selected writers, who have been missed by the mainstream, see their work in print.  Askance specialises in ebooks, Kindle and uses print on demand technology.


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